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Circuit Civil Forms

  1. Acceptance and Waiver of Service
  2. Motion for Change of Venue and Transfer of File
  3. Civil Cover Sheet & Instructions
  4. Final Disposition Form & Instructions
  5. Form A

Probate Forms

  1. Disposition of Personal Property without Administration
  2. Disposition of Personal Property Waiver and Consent
  3. Statement of Claim

Civil Traffic

  1. Affidavit of Defense
  2. Affidavit for Traffic School
  3. Criminal/Non-Criminal/Traffic Partial Payment Agreement

Child Support

  1. Supplemental Petition for Modification of Child Support
  2. Motion to Appear Telephonically

Criminal Court

  1. FDLE Seal & Expunge Forms, FAQs & Instructions – Be sure to download, print and include this in your packet.
  2. Felony Expunge Packet
  3. Felony Seal Packet
  4. Misdemeanor & Criminal Traffic Expunge Packet
  5. Misdemeanor & Criminal Traffic Seal Packet
  6. Criminal/Non-Criminal/Traffic Partial Payment Agreement
  7. Application of Payment Extension of Fine & Court Costs

County Civil, Small Claims, Evictions

  1. Satisfaction of Judgment
  2. Statement of Claim
  3. Statement of Counter Claim
  4. Statement of Claim Replevin
  5. Three Day Notice
  6. Seven Day Notice without Cure
  7. Tenant Seven Day Notice to Landlord
  8. Notice to Vacate
  9. Five Day Notice Evicting Mobile Home from Lot
  10. Seven Day Notice with Cure
  11. Complaint for Eviction (Only Non-Payment of Rent - Not seeking past due rent)
  12. Complaint (for tenant eviction and money judgment)
  13. Tenant Eviction Complaint Other Than Non Payment of Rent
  14. Complaint for Eviction (filed by agent of landlord)
  15. Notice of Intention to Impose Claim or Security Deposit
  16. Statement of Claim – Security Deposit Refund
  17. Declaratory Judgment Forms

Family Law

  1. Putative Father Claim of Paternity
  2. Cover Sheet for Family Court Cases & Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure Form
  3. Final Disposition Form & Instructions

Indigent Determination

  1. Application for Determination of Civil Indigent Status
  2. Application for Criminal Indigent Status

Official Record Forms

  1. Declaration of Domicile and Citizenship
  2. Request For Social Security Number, or Bank Account/Charge/Debit Card Number Removal from Public Records
  3. Request for Exemption of Public Records
  4. Veteran’s Discharge Removal from Official Record
  5. Request for removal of DD-214(Military Discharge Certificates) from the web
  6. Claim of Lien
  7. Warranty Deed

Value Adjustment Board

  1. Uniform Policies and Procedures Manual
  2. 2010 Sunshine Manual
  3. Forms


  1. Credit Card Payment
  2. Registration Agreement to View Records Online


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